2. sosoft.png

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  3. some of my String Theory Safari pieces are available at @ainsworthcustomdesign on Granville Island. They’re an awesome shop that I highly recommend! (at Ainsworth Custom Design)


  4. welcome to my house

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  5. met a boardwalk buddy on a hike today


  6. Warface #1-19

    which is your warface?

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  7. detail of an old collab with mandytsung. She’s having a print sale right now & you could own this for dirt cheap. There’s two left! mandytsung.bigcartel.com/category/prints


  8. you show me your warface through old drawings


  9. // @olavolo & @mar_killing’s gang could beat up your gang // at their new show at Positive Negative Gallery (at Positive Negative Gallery)


  10. an old Gleep-Glop emerges!


  11. mandytsung:

    Spring print sale will be starting in an hour! Lots of things that will never be available again. This is Maw, another painting from years ago. Only 1 left. Go to mandytsung.bigcartel.com or click the link in my profile.

    Mandy’s older prints are stellar & you’ll be kickin’ yourself if you don’t snag some!!


  12. obae, 2014

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  13. our pyramid pal has lost a fancy boot :(


  14. hills are for climbing & resting & friending


  15. remix of dwam's exhale.